Starting at 700 days before the release of Matrix Reloaded is the truck scene. The amount of detail that the storyboard artist gave the VFX artist is unbelievable. The whole scene was CGI – nothing was real. They used 3D matt painters for the background and 3D programs for the rest. They also incorporated Motion Capture for the Faces and body movements.  It looks amazing, so much detail that goes in to it, from the petrol pouring on the floor to the rivits popping out of the cab. Really amazing work. What I really like about this project is that it shows just how much can be done if you put the effort into making it happen. If it had not been for the initial storyboard artist that went into so much detail, the VFX team would not that put in the necessary hours to make this shot look so good in the final render. I really appreciate hard work like this. Truly an inspiration.

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